︎In 2016 Mariah Nielson and Fanny Singer launched Permanent Collection: a line of clothing, accessories and objects based on historical and contemporary originals. Inspired by the principles that guide acquisitions at the world’s greatest museums, Permanent Collection hinges on the production of timeless objects and garments that integrate seamlessly into a modern aesthetic & lifestyle. Daughters of legendary Northern Californian artist J.B. Blunk and world-renowned chef Alice Waters, respectively, Mariah and Fanny met in London while in graduate school for design and art history.

They began Permanent Collection by selecting a group of historical designs they felt were elegant, minimal and versatile: the types of pieces they believed could become the staples of anyone's personal “permanent collection.” Collaborations with artist estates, acclaimed contemporary designers, and culinary tastemakers are a cornerstone of the brand. These collaborations range from scarves designed by Alexander Calder, to a Max Lamb-designed set of ceramics, to an ‘egg spoon’ fashioned after an Alice Waters heirloom, and more!